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Reiki Treatment


"Holly is a gifted soul.

Her insights are spot on.

I am so grateful for her & have personally experienced, as well as witnessed powrful healing effects, on multiple occasions.

I highly recommend her. "

Mark Strazisar  


Destress, rejuvenate & access deeper states of bliss at Reiki With HollyImmerse in an effective healing experience.

Increase vitality

Calm your mind

Ignite personal growth

Recover from severe physical injury

Reduce post surgery healing time

Receive a session fully clothed, lying down or sitting.

The energy enters your system by placement of the practitioner's hands on or slightly above the body.

Your system drops into the alpha state, where your brain waves slow down, inducing a deep state of relaxation. 

It is in the alpha state that deep healing can occur. At the same time, blood flow in your body accelerates, 

which in turn improves circulation, bringing more oxygenated blood to your system.

The prospect of healing from receiving Reiki, resides more with the client than with the practitioner.

The practitioner is merely a conduit of energy, a direct channel to the receiver.

Whether a healing session takes place in person or at a distance, you are participating in the healing process by receiving the energy. In essence, this collaboration reveals that the only limitation of Reiki's beneficial effects,

is the participant's willingness to release old patterns & habits.

Reiki is 100% Safe 


There are no side efects - instead, REIKI amplifies aspects that are already present in your system

(e.g. If you are dehydrated, Reiki will amplify your need for water)


Reiki cannot ever cause harm & is therefore not regulated by any governing agency.

(Colorado and California do not require a mandatory license to practice Reiki, instead practitioners are required to provide a detailed disclosure about the service being provided)

Reiki is not based upon any religious belief, it is spiritual in nature.

Reiki cannot alter inherent birth defects.  


Denver, Colorado 80220

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