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"Holly treated our race horse once a week for a month, before his big race.

He was noticeably more calm than the other horses in the starting gate. Keeping our horses healthy by adding Reiki with Holly to their care, has been a game changer for us!"

Henry & Victoria Maxx - Colorado

reikifor horses

Animals are natural masters at detecting energy frequencies. They feel, smell, & recognize them instantly. They intuitively receive energy vibrations from humans without filters & naturally synchronize to your frequency, so if they sense or smell fear from you, they will respond in the same way.

When giving Reiki to any animal we must honor them as our partners in the healing process, as well as our teachers in terms of when, how much & if Reiki should even be given to them. If you let them lead, they will show you what they need.


Has calmed animals when they are distressed

Provides a calming support to them during visits to the vet

Can significantly reduce pain indications


Animal Reiki Practitioner

Code of Ethics

  • I will always practice Ahimsa - The principle of never causing harm.

  • I commit to the virtues of gentleness, respect, humility, compassion, patience & gratitude toward all animals.

  • I will only give Reiki to an animal for as long as they want to remain in my presence to receive it.

  • I believe all animals are my teachers & I will always remain open to receive the teachings.

  • I will always honor the animals in their natural environment & recognize I am a guest in theirs. 

  • I acknowledge that all animals have physical, mental, emotional & spiritual aspects that must be honored.

  • I believe that bringing Reiki to the human/animal relationship is transformational to the human view of the animal kingdom.

  • I respect & hold in high regard the sacredness of all animals.

The AHIMSA principle - Ahimsa, means 'To
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