Calm Parents = Calm Baby     

Healthy Parents = Healthy Baby



Motivated by a personal desire to support infants and children in adapting to this world, Reiki Babi was founded by Holly in 2013. Holly's offer is a fully integrated & customized, hands-on-healing training program, that is 100% safe, holistic and easy to learn for expecting parents.

As a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Tibetan Reiki tradition, & with over 16 years in practice, Holly has customized a 3 Class Program, spread out through stages of pregnancy, which teaches parents how to treat themselves, each other and the unborn child in Utero.

After birth, the skills taken from these 3 classes will continue & translate into endless benefits to you & your infant.

Anecdotal evidence reveals that everything one ingests, does & participates in on a physical, emotional, mental & relational level during pregnancy, has an affect on your unborn child.


Reiki is a modality which will support, strengthen & maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Reiki during pregnancy is one of very few 100% safe methods. It is also safe for women to receive Reiki attunements during pregnancy. Some women have chosen to have their babies attuned to Reiki while still in the womb, prior to birth

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