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A gentle yet powerful energy modality to assist you in relieving stress, physical pain & to promote self healing from within to without. This is a 45 minute session of hands on Reiki and 15 minutes of feedback.

My sessions are customized to your needs. Determined at intake, I may include additional processes.

Session Specifics  

All session are 1.5hrs
15 minute intake/pre session

1 hr hands on

15 minute post session feedback

Reiki is not a quick fix, but you can experience profound emotional breakthroughs, physical pain relief & accelerated healing from surgery or injury.

Receive session fully clothed, lying down on a massage table. Dropping into an alpha state occurs & at this frequency deep healing takes place.

Reiki is also highly effective for those who are bedridden or hospitalized.

Payment can be made either by Venmo/Zelle 

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$300 Ignite

When receiving Reiki, consistency is key. eventhough miracles can & have happened & one session is enough, most often one needs more than one session to release, process & integrate.


The ignite package includes 3 sessions with additions: A personalized crystal grid & a full Reiki session.


Open your body and senses to the support around you. This package includes 1 appointment with products: a spiritual counseling session, personalized crystal grid, and a channeled illustration from your Spirit Guides.





From the comfort of home.

Message me with with your phone number & we will speak prior to the session. 

Session specifics:
15 minute intention setting on phone
Choose the length of time
15 minute post session feedback

Payment can be made either by Venmo/Zelle/Paypal



An ancient Mayan practice to clear & upgrade the energy field.

This is a full body Reiki session accompanied by a Golden Copal cleansing process & intention setting.

The Copal visually reveals areas of the body that are in need of attention physically or emotionally



If you've been struggling to heal from a physical or emotional issue and just can't get beyond it, receiving a reiki healing attunement will assist you.


The healing attunement is a short process that you can receive remotely or in person.


It has a powerful & very subtle healing quality to it. You could notice a shift immediately or over a few days.

The healing attunement is best followed by a Reiki session, remotely or in person, but can be received on its own too.

The duration of receiving the healing attunement & Reiki combined is approximately 30 minutes.





Sound healing has been found to be highly effective for easing pain, chronic fatigue symptoms & depression. 

In scheduled group sessions,  you will be guided by Usui/Tibetan Reiki Masters;

Holly Murphy & Jeff Grissom for a deeply restorative experience. 


Tibetan singing bowls are struck in specific rhythmic patterns to create vibrational sound harmonics that impact the sympathetic nervous system. 


Jeff immerses you into a deep state of meditation & profound relaxation. 
The rich blend of harmonic overtones have a direct affect upon your energy system. The tones set up a “frequency following response”, that creates a balancing left/right brain synchronization. 


Holly activates & fills the space with Reiki for the group while the bowls are played, as well as on each person.




Receive a $35 discount when you purchase Level 1 & 2 in advance

You can choose to start with just Level One. If you know you would like to do both levels, book both classes and you will receive a $35 discount off the total. Level 1 & 2 can be done consecutively over two days, or you can choose to wait 21 days between each class. 

Level One  

($200 - 3hrs in person)
Purchase of online Manual is required

Reading History of Reiki from manual is done in your own time & at your pace prior to in person. Schedule to meet in person.

Meet in person to receive:

Initiation Attunement

Content about Reiki in the Modern World

Learn the hand positions

Practice by giving full body sessions
 Receive Certificate of Completion

Level Two

($300 - 5 hours in person)
Initiation Attunement for level 2
Learn three sacred symbols
Sending Reiki over distance
Certificate of completion





This level can be taken 21 days after completing level One and Two. Advanced Reiki Training is the prerequisite to Reiki Master Level & is taught over two days.

Two 6hr days commitment 

10.30am - 4.30pm 

In this class you will learn more advanced techniques. Each level of Reiki attained enhances & increases your energy channeling strength, as well as self growth.

Crystal Grid Building 
Advanced Reiki Meditation

Intensive energetic shifting technique 

Hui Yin Exercise

Micro cosmic orbit
Receive The Master Symbol

Certificate of completion




The Master level can be taken 21 days to a year or more, after completing level One, Two and Three. All  3 levels are  required before you can take the Master training. It is taught over 2 - 3 days, either consecutively or can be spread out over 2-3 weeks.

Three 6 hr days commitment   


Achieving the Reiki Master Level allows you to teach the Usui modality & to give all of the initiation attunements that are required to teach all levels of Reiki. After this training, you are still considered a Master in Training, until you have taught a Reiki Level to one person. Then you may take on the title of Reiki Master Teacher.

5 Additional Symbols

Microscosmic Orbit

Violet Breath
How to conduct all inititation attunements

How to conduct the Healing attunement
The essentials of being a Reiki Master

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