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"I've experienced a lot of Reiki over the years, especially when playing professional football & have always found it to be healing & relaxing. Receiving Reiki from Holly is like lying in a warm bath tub that I never want to get out of. "


Former NFL Running Back


Competitive athletes are acutely aware of the benefits of mental focus & clarity for physical performance. Many engage in regular practices like massage, chiropractic and even meditation to help them rejuvenate pre & post game & competition, as well as to manage pain from repetitive injury or strain. 

Receiving Reiki provides benefits similar to massage, meditation or yoga, supporting you on the mental & physical levels, yet most report that it is in a deeper & more powerfully felt way. Reiki is profoundly supportive during workout recovery & aids in reducing the time it takes to recover from bruising, muscle pain & injury. 

The direct boost of chi into the system contributes to restoring homeostasis & the body's vital energy levels.


It's not uncommon for people to report that reiki prior to a workout makes them feel more energetic & mentally sharp. Reiki affects the energy system in ways that not all self-care & recovery practices do, because essentially more chi is being delivered into your system & the body is healthiest when chi is high & it's innate ability to heal & perform optimally, is ignited. 

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