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Reiki with Holly classes
"A wonderful experience!
I learned Reiki, with Holly, in a several day immersive retreat in the mountains & felt so incredibly blessed to be in the presence of such a kind, attentive soul. I'm truly grateful for the healing work that Holly offers, & teaches others to offer with her
thoughtful nature. Such a gift!"  
Tina Tongen - Tongen Touch Massage Therapy


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  • Learn how to use Reiki as a personal growth system

  • Understand the history of Reiki & how it has changed over time

  • Perform Reiki sessions with intention setting

  • 3 Techniques to prepare for your Reiki Session 

  • Learn how to perform complete Reiki sessions on yourself & others

  • Connect to the source of chi

  • Receive a certificate of completion


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  • Receive 3 symbols that activate specific qualities of healing on the physical, mental & emotional levels

  • Distant healing method

  • Practice using symbols for activation, release,  & transcending time & space

  • The strength of the energy you channel is amplified 

  • Receive a certificate you can use professionally


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  • Receive the master symbol

  • Advanced techniques to connect you to higher realms 

  • Learn the psychic surgery technique

  • Crystal grid building to heal on quantum levels for extended periods of time

  • Access higher levels of consciousness

  • Receive a certificate you can use professionally


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  • Step into the realm that invites the Reiki to master you

  • Learn how to give 4 activation attunements and 1healing attunement 

  • Immerse in Master meditation 

  • A certificate you can use to teach the modality of Reiki

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