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Energetic Alchemy
Pattern Disruption
Pain Shifting


Healing from trauma & life exhaustion doesn't have to be complicated or an endless process. It does however require you taking the first step & having an active role in your well-being. I invite you to experience my sessions and awaken your innate ability to self heal. 

Steps to Energetic Alchemy

Being willing to invite change & break patterns 

Bringing awareness to your limiting thoughts 

Exploration into the limitations

Reggie Rivers

Former Denver Bronco Running Back

"Receiving Reiki from Holly is like slipping into a warm bath,

you never want to get out of."

Describing all I do & that can happen in energy sessions,

is akin to an attempt at explaining the intricacies of

the human mind.


Human conditioning, patterns, suffering & illness are all an invitation to me to alchemize that energy into empowered ways of being. I assist you through the awful, the grief, the physical trauma & overall life exhaustion, so you can embody vibrancy.


Combining several methodologies

& techniques, I invoke self exploration, pattern disruption

& solid integration into shifted ways of being


A session may include one or all of these:

Restorative Reiki, 

Intuitive feedback

Clearing of attachments

Sound healing

Mayan clearings

Science of mind

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