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Healing from trauma & life exhaustion doesn't have to be complicated or and endless process. It does however require you taking the first step & having an active role in your well-being. I invite you to experience my sessions and awaken your nnate ability to self heal. 

Describing all I do & that can happen in energy sessions, is akin to an attempt to explain the intricacies of the human mind.


Human conditioning, patterning, suffering & illness as an invitation to me to alchemize that energy into empowered ways of being. I assist you through the awful, the grief, the physical trauma & overall life exhaustion, so you can embody vibrancy.


Combining several methodologies & techniques I invoke self exploration, pattern disruption & more solid integration into shifted ways of being


A session may include one or all of these: Restorative Reik, intuitive feedback, deep clearing of attachments, Tibetan singing bowls, sacred Mayan clearings & science of mind.

Steps to Energetic Alchemy

Being willing to invite change & break patterns 

Bringing awareness to your limiting thoughts 

Exploration into the limitations


Mon-Fri -10am-4pm

Remote Sessions & In Person


Denver, Co 80220

energetic Alchemy

Rebecca Mara

Somadi Energy healing



Vanessa Farrell

Ashanti Ki


Partnering with two highly skilled Professional feel free to contact them directly to learn what they have to offe

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